Residential Ponds Can Benefit From Floating Fountains

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A pond can be an attractive and peaceful addition to your residential property. A residential pond provides humidity to the plants and trees on your property and attracts wildlife with pond features such as goldfish and koi, native aquatic plants, and a floating fountain. Floating fountains continually float on the top surface of your pond in various depths of water. They aerate the pond water to keep it from becoming stagnant and limit the growth of algae and moss. Here are some things to consider when you want to install and maintain a floating fountain in your residential pond:  

Floating Fountain Heads:  To install a floating fountain for your pond, measure the circumference and depth of your pond to calculate how many fountain heads you will need and what shape they should be. Floating fountain heads spray water at various heights and diameters depending on the power capacity of the pumps of the fountains. Here are the some of the floating fountain shapes that are available for you to install:  

  • Rocket Fountain - Rocket fountains spray a single jet of pond water vertically into the air at a 45º angle to the surface of the pond. Many rocket fountains can be individually adjusted to spray their jets of water at a variety of heights within a preset period of time.  
  • Wide Umbrella Fountain - Wide umbrella fountains spray many jets of water into the air in a wide circular array at different angles to the surface of the water. These umbrella fountains can take the form of different shapes depending on how many spray nozzles are included in the fountain and at what angle they spray their jets of water. 
  • Narrow Umbrella Fountain - Narrow umbrella fountains spray several jets of pond water into the air in a narrow circular array. The shapes of these fountains are a cross between rocket fountains and wide umbrella fountains. These fountains can also be adjusted to spray a variety of narrow and wide jets of water within a preset time period. 

Floating Fountain Lights:  Many floating fountains are available with a ring of underwater lights that can be pointed at the spray jets of the fountain. These lights can be very attractive at night or in cloudy and low-light situations during the day. You can use white or colored fountain lights or a variety of changing colors in the same fountain. 

Pond Maintenance:  One or more floating fountains will help to keep the water in your pond clean and discourage the growth of algae, moss, and other unwanted pond plants. Additionally, it is important to keep water runoff and other organic compounds from other parts of your garden from flowing into your pond. These compounds include mowed grass, garden cuttings and weeds, tree leaves, dog waste, and bird droppings. Native aquatic plants can be planted in the pond to filter and stabilize the pond water from these natural compounds. You can monitor the composition of your pond water yourself with a pond maintenance kit or have a professional pond maintenance company routinely test your pond water and treat it to keep it clean and well aerated. 

Check with a professional pond installation and maintenance company for the number of floating fountain heads you should have and the size fountain pumps you should use for your particular pond. Also, ask them to advise you of a recommended pond maintenance schedule for your pond. With a bit of research, planning, and maintenance you can have an attractive and beneficial pond that will add beauty and peace to your residential property. To learn more, visit a website like


4 June 2017

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