Ideal Fireplace Choices Based On Your House Type

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Adding a fireplace to your home can make the residence feel more cozy and may even reduce the amount of money that you spend to heat your home throughout the winter. With so many different types of fireplaces available on the market, you don't want to risk getting overwhelmed when you begin the shopping process. Before you start perusing local or online retailers, it's useful to consider the type of house you live in, as this may influence the type of fireplace you choose. In general, here are some ideal fireplace choices based on your house type.

House With Large Property And Garage

If you have a significant amount of property and a garage, a wood-burning fireplace can often be the right choice for you. When you live on a large plot of land, you'll often have a number of trees. This means that you may be able to cut some of the trees down — ideally, when they die — to use as firewood. Although you may wish to store some of the firewood outdoors while it dries, having a garage for wood storage is also ideal. This is especially the case if you live in a climate that gets cold winters, as you'll want the wood you use as fuel to be easily accessible. This won't happen if it's stacked outdoors under a layer of snow.

House With Small Lot

Although you can certainly have a wood-burning fireplace if you own a house with a small lot, you might wish to think of a pellet stove. This type of fireplace burns small wood pellets that you buy in large bags, and isn't designed to handle cut pieces of wood. Given that it may be pricey to fuel a wood-burning fireplace if you can't contribute some of the wood yourself, a pellet stove can be highly appealing. It gives you the warmth and ambiance of a traditional fireplace, but is often easier to operate because many pellet stoves are equipped with augers that drop the pellets into the stove steadily.

Condominium Unit

If you live in a condo unit, a gas fireplace or electric fireplace may be right for you. The latter style is simple — it's connected to your home's power supply and controlled with a wall switch. Your fireplace contractor can install a wall-mounted electric fireplace that can be set into the wall in many locations in your home. A gas fireplace is ideal if your condo is fueled by natural gas. Like an electric fireplace, a gas unit is controlled by a switch and is easy to run. These fireplaces are ideal for condo residents because space may be at a premium, and there will be no need to store firewood or wood pellets.


6 June 2017

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