Tips For Adding Cohesion To Your Decorating Style

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You've paged through magazines and seen beautiful, put-together rooms. Some were obviously decorated by a professional and are just for show. However, you may notice real rooms in real homes that somehow blend the people's tastes with design principals. It all comes down to cohesion. Make over your rooms by adding pieces that create a cohesive effect.

Choose a Color Palette

One of the easiest ways to create cohesion in your décor is by enforcing a set color palette. Inspiration for your palette can come from different sources. Home and Garden TV suggests using items such as art pieces or textiles. You could also choose a pre-determined scheme, such as Mediterranean or coastal. Another option is turning to the color wheel and selecting one such as analogous, which features hues adjacent to each other.

Implementing a color palette involves choosing one of the hues as the foundational color and using it for your base. So, you could buy slipcovers or bedding in that color to set the stage. From there, choose a color as your primary accent. You should choose larger décor items in that hue to set all around the room. If you want, you could use a second accent color for smaller items. So, perhaps you purchase throw pillows and lampshades in the primary accent color with vases and frames in the secondary accent hue.

Settle on a Theme

If you're choosing a set color palette, such as coastal, you could draw this theme throughout the décor. Pick up decorating pieces within that theme. So, let's say you've set the foundation with sandy beige and accented with sea blue and sea glass green. Further accenting can come with artful driftwood, seashells, nautical stars, and even a ship in a bottle. Adding just a few themed pieces can be enough to create cohesion.

Play with Shapes

Contemporary style is based on geometry. Even if you don't want to go full mod in your decorating, you can be deliberate in our choice of shapes.

Windows, doors, and even the furniture provide set shapes as a starting point, typically either rectangles or squares. You could echo this with frames or mirrors on the wall nearby. The ratio of the shape should be the same even if the scale is smaller. You could also recreate that shape with several smaller items, such as a collection of frames.

Another option is introducing another shape, such as a circle. Here, the scale needs to be big enough to be obvious. So, let's say you want a circular mirror as your counter to a window. The mirror should be almost as large as the window itself. Such a scale creates a pleasing harmony between the two different shapes.

Utilize design principles such as color, theme, and shape to create cohesive beauty in décor that's still uniquely yours. Keep these tips in mind when you buy home decor products.


21 June 2017

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