Child's Play: How To Design A Playroom That Will Delight Kid's Of All Ages

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Designing a playroom for your child is a smart decision. Having a special room for play will delight children of all ages. It also keeps the rest of your home free from the clutter of toys. Consulting a remodeling service is the easiest way to get the work done. A professional remodeling service will work with you to design a playroom that you and your kids will love. Knowing what you want before you set up an appointment with a remodeling service will make designing the perfect playroom as easy as child's play.

Kid-happy wall color

A neutral color, such as white, beige, or gray, may be your best option if the room is small. If the room is large, you can paint each wall a different color to create a dramatic and fun effect. Pink, green, and yellow will create a sunny look. Blue, yellow, and white will create a bold but cooler look. Your remodeling service professionals, such as those at Property Service Agency LLC, will be able to recommend brands of paint that are durable and washable.

Kid-tough flooring

Carpet makes floor play friendlier, but it is not likely to stand up to the tough play of children and the messes they create. If the room has a wooden floor, you could paint the floor to contrast with the walls for a fun look. If you select laminate flooring, choose a high-quality brand that will withstand rough play and make clean ups a breeze.

A large rug in the center of the room is a nice addition for floor play. Make sure the rug has non-skid backing or a rug pad to avoid slips and falls. Selecting the rug after the room is completed will help you determine if you need a pop of color in the finished room or if you want to go with a subtle color and design.

Kid-friendly furnishings

Furnishing a playroom does not have to be expensive. Minimal furniture is required, and you don't have to be afraid of using bold and bright colors. Be sure to choose sturdy furniture that holds up well to the rough and tumble play of children.

A small sofa makes a perfect place for children to curl up and read books or play video games. Choose a color that contrasts well with the wall color. Bold walls? Go neutral with the furniture color. Neutral walls? Go bold with the sofa. Bean bag chairs can be scattered around the room for additional seating when friends come over for a play date.

Accent the sofa with colorful throw pillows. Children love snuggling up with pillows, and they are also great for childhood pillow fights. Don't forget to add several blanket throws for your kids and friends to wrap up in while reading on chilly days.

A table and chairs is a must for putting puzzles together or creating art. If you cannot find a suitable child's table, create your own by using crates turned upside down for legs and a large piece of plywood or an old door. Just make sure to secure the crates to the tabletop. TV's should be mounted on the wall to protect little ones from accidental tip-overs or falls.

Kid-smart storage

Line one wall with shelving for storing items. If using freestanding bookcases, make sure you fasten them securely to the wall to protect active kids. Storage crates make it easy to organize playroom items.

Use crates in different colors if desired. This makes it easy for young children to keep their puzzles, paint supplies, crayons, and games organized. A toy chest is a must for keeping larger items organized.

Creating a playroom for your child is fun and easy when you choose what you want and let a remodeling service do all the work. A great playroom is one where child's play is fun and safe. It's a place where dreams come true and memories are made.


23 June 2017

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