Unexpected Sprinkler Surprises: 3 Solutions Will Keep You Dry While Reducing Water Waste

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Sprinklers are becoming outdated quickly with new technology and solutions for more efficient irrigation. The newer systems reduce water consumption and improve watering of plants. If you have old sprinklers that seem to give you watery surprises when you least expect it, these landscaping irrigation solutions will solve the problem:

Low-Flow Sprinklers With 90 Degree Spray Heads

Modern sprinklers have evolved and there are many different designs, which include smaller, compact heads that allow you to adjust the spray angle. Using a 90-degree sprinkler head will allow you to broadcast the water in the area where it is needed. This may be a solution for areas where you still need to use sprinklers for efficient watering, such as for watering the lawn or ground covering plants. Sprinklers should be used where soaker hoses and drip irrigation solutions are less efficient. The smaller angle of sprinkler heads allows you to isolate the watering to specific areas.

Soaker Hoses to Give Lawns and Turf Water Where It is Needed Most

An alternative that you may want to consider for lawn irrigation is soaker hoses. This type of system is basically a serious of porous water hoses that allow water to be soaked up by the soil when the irrigation system is turned on. To get the best performance for a lawn, it is best to have special soaker hoses buried in the top layer of soil. Soaker hose solutions for lawns are great for when installing new sod or reseeding your lawn. The installation of soaker hoses will require some excavation.

The Simple Addition of Drip Irrigation for Better Water Conservation and Efficiency

Drip irrigation is the sprinkler alternative for single plants and flowers where plants benefit from direct watering. The drip system works with an irrigation tube that has tiny outlets at plants that give them a drip of water when the irrigation system is on. Drip irrigation is ideal for flower beds, with individual flowers and small shrubs. If you use drip irrigation for trees, you may want to add more outlets at the base of the trunk. Drip irrigation is ideal for single plants, but less practical for lawns and ground coverings.

 When it comes to irrigation of landscaping, sprinklers should be used conservatively and modern irrigation installations used in their place. Contact an irrigation installation service and talk with them about how your irrigation can be more efficient with fewer sprinklers. For more information, contact companies like Hydrotech Irrigation Co.


23 June 2017

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