Your Puppy Won't Destroy Your Carpet If You Use These Suggestions

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No matter how excited you are to be welcoming a new, small puppy into your home, you may still feel a twinge of discomfort about allowing them onto your carpets. It's a valid concern; mud, vomit, urine and feces from your new pet can create odors and permanent stains that could end up destroying your carpet if you're not careful. With these pointers, your carpets can be preserved and you don't have to worry about letting your puppy romp on your carpeting.

Set Rules

Perhaps the best idea for retaining gorgeous carpets in spite of your new puppy is to make sure that everyone in the family adheres to a few rules. For example, after the puppy has played in mud, you may require that someone cleans and dries their paws before they're free to walk on a carpeted surface. Place washcloths or towels near every entrance for this purpose. Make sure that every family member sticks to your rules and lay out consequences for breaking them.

Handle Hair

Stray puppy hair can discolor carpets and settle deep into fibers. Making a plan for handling hair can preserve carpet appearance. Regular grooming can be smart here; haircuts and daily brushing means less hair will drop off into your carpets. You can also secure a "carpet rake" that is especially for dislodging and moving hair and other debris that has sunk into carpets. If you don't have such a tool, you can wet a paper towel or sponge and wipe carpet surfaces, as some hair can be collected this way. Frequent vacuuming is another task to do.

Try Vinegar

If your new puppy does have an accident or two, quick cleanup is key. After blotting the mess with paper towels and picking up as much as you can, spritz white vinegar into the area. Vinegar can destroy bacteria that causes odors, and mixed with store-bought baking soda, it can be quite effective at preventing stains too.

Buy Area Rugs

If you're really worried about the carpets, area rugs can be great. If your puppy should vomit or create other messes, your carpets are still protected and if need be, you can toss out the area rugs and purchase new ones.

These suggestions can create an environment where your puppy can walk and play on your carpets without destroying them. Keep discussing the issue with your family and enlist residential carpet cleaners, such as Kenton Carpet Care, for periodic deep cleaning, and everything should be fine.


28 July 2017

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