Three Reasons Why You Should Replace Windows In Your Garage Immediately

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Windows on your house are a matter of personal safety. Windows on your garage-not so much. However, you should still replace the windows on your garage as soon as possible. There are some very valid reasons why.


Bats are notorious for using the easiest exits and entrances possible into places where they can sleep during the day. While they are very good for the environment, they are NOT good for people's health or for the structures they inhabit. Bat droppings and urine can cause a lot of damage and build up quickly. In a smaller enclosed space, such as your garage, dozens of bats can roost, and all of those bats can create major health problems for anyone who enters the structure.

Wasps and Bees

Wasps and bees are also opportunistic. Broken or missing window panes in your garage that are not fixed or replaced right away is akin to opening your front door and leaving it open all the time. The bees or wasps will waltz right in and start making a nest. Incidentally, they are not bothered by the bats above them, since the bees or wasps are active during the day and the bats are active only at night. (If there ever was an encounter, the bees/wasps would probably just sting the bats anyway.)


Birds have bird brains--literally. If they fly into an area and cannot get out, they will frantically flutter around until they either find the way in and leave, or until you open a door and let them out. That is a lot of stress for a bird, and the end result is a lot of bird droppings on your car and other things you keep in the garage. Get your window replacements installed right when you notice that the windows are damaged, and the birds will stay out of the garage.

If You Cannot Replace the Garage Windows Right Away

If you cannot replace the garage windows when you notice them, tack some wooden planks up over the broken or missing glass. This will at least keep all of these critters out until you can replace the garage windows. If the damaged glass is in a window in the garage attic, you may need a ladder to climb up and seal off the window. Replace the damaged windows as soon as you can, or you will have all kinds of other, animal-related damage to clean up.

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30 August 2017

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