Creating A Mini Victorian Garden In Your Backyard

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Victorian gardens can bring a romantic, beautiful look to your backyard. If you want to create this look, here are a few elements to discuss with your landscaper to create a stunning design that fits neatly in your backyard.

Stone Walkways

Stone walkways can provide a path for you to stroll through the garden, and they can also help define the space. Consider flat stone products in natural shapes to create the overall look, and work with your landscaper to create the layout for the path. You can include a circle in the center of the yard with four paths diverging from it to create the maze look of a Victorian garden. If you have more space in your backyard, consider a more intricate path system using the stones. Leave the pathways without edging for a more natural look, or use stone pavers on the sides to add a more finished look.

Water Fountain

Creating a centerpiece in the garden can give it a more Victorian look while also adding a focal point. A large stone water fountain can be the perfect addition to your garden. You'll want to discuss connecting the water line for the fountain with your landscaper before making your purchase, as you'll want to be sure that you can provide an adequate supply of water to keep the fountain going during backyard parties or gatherings. Look for a tiered fountain with cherub or angel details to add to the overall Victorian look, or opt for a smaller fountain with carved stone birds to suit a tiny backyard.

Lush Greenery

Once you have the walkway and fountain set up, you can begin planting lush plants to add to the vibrant look of the garden. Consider ferns and green shrubs interspersed with colorful flowers for a stunning appearance. You can plant around the fountain to create a colorful border, and you can also add plants along the sides of the stone walkways. Add garden stakes to hang more ferns and other types of greenery along the walkways for even more beauty in your Victorian mini garden.

You can also add other elements to the space, such as stone statues of lions, birds, or gargoyles. Look for different outdoor decorations that fit the Victorian theme, and arrange them once the landscapers have finished putting all of your plants and stone products in place. Other options might include wrought iron park benches and bistro sets you can use to sit and relax in your new garden space. 


26 February 2018

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