Going Nuts: How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Yard

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Whether you have pets that see squirrels as a natural enemy or you simply don't want these squeaky creatures taking over your backyard, there are many options available to keep squirrels away. Use the following rodent control guide to minimize the squirrel population in your backyard. 

Spread Mulch

Squirrels like to dig as much as they like to climb, and that means that your yard can serve as a prime location for burrowing. Squirrels may dig around for food, and some squirrels even make nests underground. You can help discourage the digging behavior by spreading mulch in your garden bed. Remember, however, that you won't be able to spread mulch on the lawn itself, as this will prevent you from being able to mow it every week. Consider spreading mulch around trees as well, as trees can be a great spot for nesting due to the shade your trees provide.

Add Tree Wraps

Speaking of trees, you can help prevent squirrels from climbing up the trunks by adding wraps to each of your trees. These wraps offer a smooth surface that discourages climbing, which can help keep the rodents from making their way up into the branches and from removing the bark from your tree trunks. The wrap can be easily applied to the bottoms of the tree trunks, but you'll want to make sure you wrap each one securely so that a good portion of the trunk is covered. 

Avoid Bird Feeders

As much as you love having birds outside of your window each morning, adding bird feeders to your trees also provides a source of food for squirrels. Remove the bird feeders if you can bear to part with them, or put them out for a limited amount of time each day when you can keep an eye on them. Another option is to use feeders with weight-sensitive bars. These bars detect when a larger animal is perched in front of the feeder, shutting off the flow of food to that particular animal. Because birds tend to be lighter in weight, they will still have access while the squirrels won't.

Hire A Rodent Exterminator

If you have a serious squirrel problem, such as nests in your yard, you can hire a rodent exterminator to help combat the problem. Consider using humane traps to remove the rodents and have the exterminator re-home the squirrels living in the nests so they can enjoy a happy life outside of your backyard. Your rodent exterminator can also inspect your home and property to provide a plan to keep the squirrels from returning.


25 May 2018

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