2 Reasons Your Outdoor Living Space Needs A Pergola

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An outdoor living space adds a lot to your home. It can become a beautiful place to relax, a fun spot for entertaining, and a valuable addition to your house. However, there is more to outdoor living than just a deck or patio. Today, more and more homeowners are seeing the benefits of installing a pergola in and over their outdoor living space. Here are a few reasons you should consider a pergola.

Increased Outdoor Living Value

Again, outdoor living adds value to your home. It makes it more appealing, which makes buyers want to spend more to buy your home. The addition of a pergola over your deck or patio can make the outdoor living space even more appealing, which will add even more value to your house.

Whether you choose a pre-fabricated version or you build one from the ground up, a pergola will enhance your outdoor living space by defining it and making it more enjoyable and functional.

On average, you can expect a pergola to offer you a return on investment of 50 percent. While higher is always better, the enjoyment you will get from a pergola ensures it is a great investment for your home and family's needs.

Protection from the Sun/Weather

No matter where you live, the sun will shine, and different types of weather will affect your ability to be outdoors comfortably. Fortunately, a pergola can protect you from the heat and harmful UV rays of the sun in addition to surprise weather conditions, such as rain, sleet, and snow.

Most homeowners are surprised by how hot their deck or patio can get if there is no shade. In just a few minutes, the sun can heat up your deck and patio to the point where you cannot walk or sit on it without burning your feet, legs, or bottom.

Even though a pergola is designed to be somewhat opened, it does provide shade. Plus, you can easily install a canopy or plants over the pergola's top, creating shade from the harmful effects of the sun.

A canopy or even plants can also protect you when it starts to rain or snow unexpectedly. This allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space even when the weather is not ideal.

To enhance your outdoor living space, add even more value to your home, and enjoy the outdoors all through the year, consider installing a pergola. Contact a local installation company like Aluminum  Builders Home Center for more information. 


27 September 2018

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