Organizing And Cleaning Your New Kitchen Cabinets

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Once you have your new kitchen cabinets installed, it's time to get organized and learn how to keep the cabinets looking as good as new for as long as possible. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you organize your new cabinets without causing any damage and a few tips to help you keep them clean.

Organization Tips

There are so many tricks to help you get things organized in the kitchen. If you get organized from the beginning and keep up with the process, the kitchen will be easier for you to use and easier for you to keep clean.

Spices – Spices can be difficult to keep organized. All of those small containers in varying sizes and shapes can make it impossible to find what you need when you need it. To organize the spices, invest in a hanging spice rack. These can be found small enough to fit on the inside of the cabinet, or large enough to require the entire door of your food pantry.

Canned Goods – If you buy a lot of the same canned good items, look for the canned goods dispensers. These dispensers are like those that you see at the grocery store with all of the Campbell's soups on them. You load the cans into the dispenser and as you remove one, the next one rolls down into its place. This keeps your canned goods rotated and keeps them nice and neat.

Lids – Lids can take over entire cabinets if you don't figure out a way to organize them. Pick up a dish drying rack to place in the cabinet. The lids can be put into the rack as if you were drying them. This will keep them all right there and easily accessible.

Cleaning Tips

Keeping the cabinets clean will be easier if you take the time to wipe them down at least once each week – more often if your kitchen is a busy place.

White vinegar should be your go-to cleaning agent on the cabinets. White vinegar will work to remove all of the grease and dirt without causing any damage to the finish of the cabinets.

Focus on the cabinets above and around the stove. These will become caked with yucky stuff if you don't keep up with the cleaning. If the grease has begun to build up, put a little bit of liquid dish soap and very hot water on a clean sponge. Clean the area, rinse, then dry it well.

These tips will help you get settled into your new kitchen and keep up with the cleaning of the cabinets.


10 November 2018

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