Three Ways To Make Your Home Address Numbers Visible

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All houses need to have their address numbers prominently displayed either on the house itself, the curb, or the mailbox. These address numbers ensure that people can find your house and your mail is delivered correctly. When it comes to actually creating the address numbers, you have several options available. If you're moving into a new house or your old address numbers have worn off, here are three solutions you can try:

1. Painted Address Numbers

Painting your address numbers on your house or mailbox is the most economical solution. All you need is a set of number stencils and a can of spray paint. When choosing a location for your address numbers, make sure you pick a spot that is clearly visible and not obstructed by bushes or other barriers. Select a color of paint that contrasts with your house so your address number can be seen from the road. You should also make sure you choose a type of paint that will stand up to the elements of the great outdoors.

2. Metal LED Address Numbers

If you don't want to paint your address numbers onto your house, you can take advantage of pre-cut metal address numbers. These numbers come in a variety of different colors and finishes, and they're the perfect size for easy visibility. You can buy a custom plaque that contains your exact house number, or you can purchase the numbers separately and mount them yourself. When applying your metal address numbers to your house, make sure you use a level. You may want to enlist the help of a friend or family member who can stand back and let you know if you should move the numbers higher or lower before attaching them.

3. Backlit LED Address Numbers

It can be difficult to find specific houses at night, especially if you live in an area without streetlights. This can be a big problem if you often host dinners or other evening events at your house. Fortunately, backlit address numbers can provide a solution to this problem. Backlit address numbers utilize long-lasting LED bulbs. These numbers create their own illumination through battery power. Many of them contain light sensors so they will turn on at dusk and turn off when the sun rises, saving your batteries.

Make sure it's easy to find your house with clear address numbers. These three methods of applying address numbers to your home give you an array of options. Choose the one that best suits your home's aesthetics. For more information, contact a company like Modern Lights today.


29 July 2019

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