Tips For Keeping Your Pantry Organized

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Do you feel as though you're always digging through the pantry to find what you want? Maybe when you dig all of the way to the back of the pantry, you discover items that are expired or that have been around for far too long. These are both signs that your pantry is lacking in organization. Cooking and preparing food will be so much more enjoyable if you can instill some sense of order in the pantry. Here are some tips to help you achieve that goal.

Install a pull-out shelving system.

Reaching to the back of pantry shelves is difficult, and you probably won't do it often — so items will get lost and forgotten about back there. To eliminate this issue, look for a pull-out shelving pantry organization installation service. The shelves stash neatly inside the shelving unit, but when you pull on one of them, it slides out, enabling you to see everything on that shelf all at once. You may need to remove your current shelving to install this type of pull-out system, but it's worth the work!

Label everything.

Label each of your shelves with stickers so you can keep similar items together. For instance, you can designate one shelf for pasta and beans, and another for canned goods. This way, you won't have to rifle through every shelf to figure out whether you have a certain item; you're less likely to "miss" a certain item and accidentally buy more of it.

Transfer dry goods to plastic or glass containers.

Pasta, flour, oats, and other dry goods often come in cardboard containers or plastic bags that rip open and spill too often. Then, you have a mess in the back of your pantry! These containers may not stack well, either, which makes it tough to squeeze a lot of items into the pantry space. So instead, try emptying your dry goods into plastic or glass storage containers when you get them home from the store. You can find a nice set of matching ones that will look great and stack tidily.

Have an "expire soon" corner.

Every month, spend a few minutes going through your pantry and examining the expiration dates on your food products. Put anything that is going to expire within the next month on a designated shelf. Then, in the following weeks, make sure you use those products. With this strategy, you won't waste any more food that gets forgotten and hidden. 


17 September 2019

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