Get A Lot Of Weeds In Your Flower Garden Every Year? How A Weed Control Service Can Help

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Weeds can take over a beautiful flower garden and drown out your flowers. Weeds will also affect the health of your flowers as they compete with water and nutrients. Below is information about what a weed control service can do to help get rid of the weeds.

Use a Flower Garden Edging

A flower garden edging can make your flower garden look great, but this edging can also help control weeds. This is because the edging will stop weeds from infiltrating your flower garden.

There are different types of edging you can use. If you are on a budget there is a metal stop that you can purchase. This is generally five or more inches tall and is simply stuck into the ground around the perimeter of your flower garden. You can push the edging deep into the ground if you do not want it to show.

You can also use things like logs, metal, tiles, wood, stones, wood, brick, and concrete as a flower garden edging. If you have any of these items around your home this is a great way to upcycle. The weed control service can help you choose the best edging for your flower garden.

Use Mulch

Another way a weed control service may control weeds in your flower garden is to use mulch. Mulch will kill current weeds as the mulch blocks out the sun and water the weeds need to grow. The service will put two to three inches of mulch around the flower garden. They will cover the entire flower garden but push the mulch a few inches away from the base of the flowers. If this is not done, the mulch will block water and nutrients from getting to the plants.

First, you have to consider if you want to use organic or inorganic mulch. Organic mulch includes materials that are formerly living, such as pine needles, grass clippings, straw, wood chips, sawdust, and chopped leaves from your yard. Inorganic mulch can be purchased at any garden center. The mulch generally comes in bags.

You will find inorganic mulch in different colors, such as black, dark brown, or rust-colored. You should not choose black, however, as black attracts the sun, which can dry out your flowers.

The weed control service may use weed control sprays. There are sprays, however, that will kill flowers. Because of this, the weed control service may use a natural spray that will not kill flowers.


20 December 2019

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