Warning Sounds for Common Furnace Problems

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All furnaces make some noise, such as small pops as the furnace comes on. Most of the sounds are brief and relatively quiet, as they typically happen as ducts and other parts of the system expand in response to the hot air. There are some sounds, though, that should be treated as an early warning sign for necessary furnace repairs.

Fan Problems

The fan, or blower, is what forces the heated air through the ducts and into your home, so if the fan fails, your home won't heat well. Sometimes items get caught in the fan blades, or a blade may come out of balance. In this case, you will hear a rattling or wap-wap-wap sound from the blower assembly. Another warning sound that indicates fan issues is scraping noise, which can indicate that the fan blades are badly out of balance and rubbing on the housing.

Motor Issues

The motor powers the blower fan. Mechanical issues can cause a variety of noises, including rattles and bangs.  Generally, these noises indicate a loose component that will need to be tightened during a routine tune-up. Squealing noises also may be heard, which indicates that the moving parts in the motor require lubrication. A loud grinding noise is a more severe issue, as it indicates that the bearings have failed. Turn off the furnace until it can be serviced.

Burner Misfiring

Loud bangs or rumbles from the furnace must never be ignored, especially if they occur as the furnace is powering on. Bangs can indicate exploding fuel inside the burner, which can be very dangerous. Burner issues, such as valve failure or an unevenly burning pilot light, can cause fuel to collect on the burner. Then, when the furnace fires on, the extra fuel ignites and combusts. Turn off the furnace and call for an immediate furnace repair visit before operating it again.

Airflow Blockages

Blocked airflow in the furnace can cause loud and persistent rattling. If you hear rattling the entire time that the furnace is running, then you may have blocked ducts or a dirty air filter. If changing the air filter doesn't solve the problem, you made the ducts or the furnace itself cleaned. Putting this repair off for too long can lead to poor heating and higher energy bills. 

If you hear an out of the ordinary sound from your furnace, contact a furnace repair service for more help.


27 February 2020

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