Turning Your Second Bedroom Into A Guest Suite

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Got an unused second bedroom? Turn it into a guest room that will keep your family and friends coming back again and again. Try these ideas to transform a simple second bedroom into a chic suite for your guests:

Create Luxury

One of the differences between a simple guest room and a suite is the bedding; invest in luxurious bedding and linens for your space. Create a clean, comfortable bed that guests will want to lounge in after a long day. Cut or buy fresh flowers to welcome them in the room when they arrive.

Add Creature Comforts

Don't forget about creature comforts and the little things that guests will want to feel at-home. Inspect the lamps and lighting situation to ensure there is adequate light for reading, and leave a few favorite books and magazines for your guests to peruse. Post the wi-fi password in the room prominently so your guest won't need to keep asking you for it.

Consider Space Savers

Some second bedrooms are not very big. If you have limited space in your guest room, consider solutions like murphy beds, loft beds, and day beds, which can also be used for seating during the day.

Go with Twins

When planning and setting-up your guest suite, think about using two twin beds instead of a full, queen, or king-size bed for the room. Two beds provide more versatility, and you could push them together and use king-sized linens if desired or keep them separate to accommodate those that prefer to sleep alone when they visit.

Let Guests Help Themselves

Some guests are too polite to ask for anything so leave them things that they can serve themselves as desired. Buy an inexpensive mini-fridge for your guest suite and keep it stocked with ice, bottled water, good cheese, and chocolate bars for a welcome treat after traveling. Consider putting a couple of airline nips of your guests' favorite spirits in the fridge for a nightcap.

Set Up a Vanity

Carve out an area that can serve as a separate vanity area, with a bench or seat and mirror, if possible. Leave a few travel-sized beauty products and essentials like toothpaste for guests that left theirs behind.

Create a welcoming and warm guest room in your two bedroom apartment and use these tips to ensure guests feel comfortable and content. Bring in items that reflect your own personal style, but that also focuses on making your guest feel at home.


28 July 2020

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