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Sipping tea on your terrace during the fall or enjoying a book and the scent of the fragrant flowers that surround your patio during the summer may be two of your favorite activities, but these both rely heavily upon the weather if you are not supplied with some type of fabric barrier. Canvas canopies can be suspended with cordage or attached to a structure that serves multiple purposes and the fabric covering will improve your outdoor surroundings.

A Retractable Awning Is Perfect For A Sun Lover

Cotton, acrylic, and vinyl are three textiles that are used to construct awnings. Cotton is lightweight and breathable, but acrylic and vinyl are woven and provide a covering with its durability. With a retractable awning, you will be able to choose when coverage will come into play.

If you enjoy the sunshine but are opposed to spending time outdoors when it is raining, a retractable awning will let you switch up your setting whenever you prefer. Look for a waterproof or water repellent fabric.

A waterproof fabric will not allow moisture to seep through an awning and a water repellent fabric will have been treated with a slick coating, which will act as a barrier and cause raindrops to roll off the fabric's surface. A metal framework will need to be secured to your home's exterior to support the canvas awning that you choose for the upgrade.

An Independent Model Or Attached Canvas Will Add Beauty And Function

An independent canvas model could resemble a "floating" covering, which is reminiscent of a shade sail. This type of setup can be suspended over a table, a patio, or a porch and will act as a buffer from the sun and any precipitation that is in the forecast.

With an independent model, the canvas will contain grommets in each corner. Use the twine kit that came with a canvas canopy to anchor the covering. An attached canvas option includes a gazebo or a screen house, which consists of an enclosure and a rooftop. The canvas will act as the rooftop with either of these items and will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without being inconvenienced by poor weather conditions.

If this type of cover and enclosure duo sounds like it would work for you, choose a spot in your yard where you would like to add the canvas-topped feature. Add a picnic table and a seating ensemble to the center of the enclosure, so that you can serve group meals or offer seats to your friends and family during visits.

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23 September 2020

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