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The location and type of weeds that are growing on your property will dictate which type of weed killer you should use to eliminate the wild plants. There are selective and non-selective systemic weed killers that should be applied prior to or after germination. There are also products that contain organic materials, such as citric acid. 

Pre- Or Post-Emergent Products

Many weed varieties germinate in the spring, and plant stalks grow quickly. A pre-emergent product is one that should be applied to small seedlings that haven't fully emerged from the ground. A post-emergent weed killer is one that is capable of destroying weeds that have been growing for a while and that contain a stalk and leaves that are fully visible. 

Selective Or Non-Selective

A selective weed killer is one that is formulated to kill a specific type of weed. This type of product should be sprayed directly at the weeds, but if some of the liquid gets onto grass blades or other plant varieties that are growing next to the weeds, it won't affect them.

A non-selective weed killer is one that is formulated to kill all plant types that are growing within the region where a product is administered. A non-selective product is often used to kill thick patches of weeds that aren't easily distinguishable.

Thick vines or plants with hardy stems and leaves will be more prone to dying with a non-selective weed product, since it is designed for use with any plant variety. The only drawback to using this type of product is that cultivated plants or grass blades could accidentally be sprayed, resulting in them being destroyed in the weed-killing process.

Where To Use Each Product

An organic weed killer or one that contains chemicals will be classified as a pre- or post-emergent. Weed killers will also be labeled as a selective or non-selective formula. If you know what types of weeds are growing on your property and the weeds are located near grass or cultivated plants, purchase a selective product.

If you are uncertain about weed types and want to ensure that the weeds are killed during the initial application, purchase a non-selective product. Be careful when administering the product, especially if you will be treating weeds that are growing on your lawn. A non-selective product is best used in an area where nothing else is prone to getting accidentally sprayed during the application process. If you have children and pets, purchase an organic variety of weed killer.


22 December 2020

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