8 Ways To Use Binchotan Charcoal Sticks In Your Zero Waste Home

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If you are concerned about the environment and want your home to have zero waste, binchotan charcoal purifying sticks can help you in so many ways. Binchotan charcoal is carbonized oak from Japan. There is a lengthy and labor-intensive process that goes into making binchotan charcoal sticks. They are terrific for purifying water, but that's not the only thing they can do. Here are 8 ways to use binchotan charcoal purifying sticks. 

1. Purify Water for Drinking

Binchotan charcoal purifying sticks can purify water by removing impurities and soften water by adding minerals. The sticks come in different sizes to be used in different sizes of containers for water. The sticks can be boiled again on a weekly basis and reused for 3-4 months, depending on the instructions that are provided on the packaging. Use these sticks instead of plastic disposable water filters and/or plastic water bottles for your zero waste goals. 

2. Purify Water for Bathing

Many people don't consider that their bathwater is the same as their tap water and could quite possibly be too chemically laden for their skin. When your tap water has a lot of chemicals in it, particularly chlorine, your skin may feel dry and rough, which means you're likely using more products than necessary to combat the dryness. Drop a stick in your bathtub to purify your bathwater. 

3. Release Negative Ions in the Air 

Binchotan charcoal releases negative ions into the air in your home. This can effectively purify the air in your home and not only help control odors but also put you and your household members in a better mood and improve your overall health

4. Absorb Odors

The purifying sticks can be used to control odors throughout your home. Place on in your refrigerator instead of using a box of baking soda to control odor. Place the sticks in closets, in gym shoes, and anywhere there is a musty, mildew odor. If you have a locker at work, place a stick in there as well.

5. Control Dampness

Binchotan charcoal sticks can also control dampness by absorbing moisture. Use them in your basement or crawl space to help control moisture in your home. They can help keep the windows from fogging in your vehicle as well. Use them in the steamy areas of your home to help control dampness, such as your bathrooms and your kitchen.

6. Stimulate Soil 

At the end of the regular life of your charcoal sticks, you can break them into pieces and mix them into the soil in your potted plants or in your garden. The soil and garden will benefit from the additional minerals from the charcoal. And you'll be helping the environment since you won't be throwing the sticks away after they've been used.

7. Burn for BBQs

Another way to use the charcoal is as fuel for grilling meats. The charcoal gives an excellent smoky flavor yet doesn't produce smoke when it's burning. The reason for this is the high carbon levels since the wood has already been burnt and is charcoal. Burning it for your grill is another way to use the sticks at the end of the lifespan for zero waste. 

8. Build a Fire 

Speaking of using the sticks to grill, you can also use the sticks as firewood when you burn wood in a fireplace, campfire, or fire pit. Binchotan charcoal burns hot, so you'll want to be sure you have safety equipment nearby if you do decide to burn it, particularly in your home. Using the sticks when you're making fires is another way to reduce the amount of waste that your home produces. 

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6 July 2021

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