4 FAQs About Entertaining With Gas-Powered Fire Pits

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Spring is the time of year when many people start dreaming of outdoor activities and accessories. For those who love to entertain, outdoor furniture and a cozy fire are a must.

Building an outdoor fire in a pit gives off a nice relaxing ambiance and keeps you warm on chilly spring and early summer nights. One way to have a cozy fire without the hassle of building it and obtaining wood is to have a gas fire pit kit installed. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to installing a gas-powered fire pit, so here are some FAQs to help you decide if it's right for your outdoor entertaining needs.

Do Gas Fire Pits Radiate Heat?

Like wood fires, a gas fire pit does give off heat to keep you and your guests warm on chilly nights. Gas pits generally put off less heat than wood fire pits, so this is something to consider depending on the climate where you live.

If you're just looking to sit close and take the chill off, a gas-powered fire pit is fine. However, if you plan to be out on a cold night, you need wood heat.

Can You Cook On A Gas Fire Pit?

The answer is both a yes and no. You can cook in a gas fire pit that uses propane. This fuel is the same used in barbecue grills.

You can roast marshmallows and make s'mores just like sitting around a campfire. You can also roast hot dogs over the pit.

Gas fire pits are not designed to grill burgers or steaks, though. The grease drippings from cooking foods can easily clog the burners and make your pit look dirty.

How Safe Are Gas Fire Pits?

Compared to wood, gas is a safer choice for your patio or other outdoor space. You turn the flame off and on. You control the flame height, and there are no sparks like with burning wood.

No sparks means gas-powered fire pits are safer to use near patio furniture, a wooden deck, or next to the pool. Winds pick up embers from wood and carry them off, which can lead to burns and a mess.

Do Gas-Powered Fire Pits Smell?

Unlike wood-burning pits, gas fire pits do not smell or leave a lingering odor on your clothing. So, if you do notice an odor or smell propane, turn the fire pit off immediately and turn the propane off at the source.

A gas-powered fire kit pit may cost more upfront and does take some time to install, but it is a good choice for those who love outdoor entertaining and parties. You can call a professional to assist in hooking up the gas lines to ensure it is ready for use.

Contact a company like Yard Couture for more information. 


8 March 2022

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