Three Tools For Cutting PVC Pipe

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If you're getting ready to do a plumbing job in your home, one thing to determine is what type of pipe you'll use. While a lot of people automatically think of using copper pipe, given its traditional popularity, a modern alternative is PVC pipe. This type of plastic pipe is affordable and easy to work with. Regardless of the plumbing project you're working on, you'll need to cut the PVC pipe one or more times. To do so properly, you'll want to buy one of the following three tools — many of which are available at your local plumbing supply store.


A lot of people favor a hacksaw when they need to cut a piece of PVC pipe. This tool is useful because it can work well on any pipe diameter. Even if you're working with some PVC pipe that is extremely thick, you can patiently cut through it with a hacksaw. Your plumbing supply store likely carries several different hacksaws, so you can choose one that suits your budget. Some of these saws are compact, which can make them useful for working in tight areas such as the space under your bathroom vanity.

Scissors Cutter

Another option to consider when you need to cut through PVC pipe is to use a scissors-style cutter. This plumbing tool gets its name from its appearance. It looks like a large pair of heavy-duty scissors that is equipped with a sharp blade to allow you to snip through a plastic pipe. This tool often has long handles, which helps to give you more leverage — and thus more ease — when you make your cut. Scissors cutters are available in a few different sizes, so you can shop for this tool based on the size of PVC pipe you'll need to cut.

Rotary Tool

A rotary tool is a versatile tool to have in your home. Not only can it be useful for various plumbing projects, but you'll also find several other ways to use it. If you own a rotary tool, consider buying a special cutting bit that will allow you to cut PVC pipe. These bits, which are shaped like a disc and very hard, make it easy to cut through any diameter of PVC pipe. Learn more about each of these tools, as well as the other supplies and tools that you need for your next plumbing job, by visiting a local plumbing supply store.


13 September 2022

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