Water Bug Pest Control Strategies

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Insecticidal liquids, growth inhibitors, and dusting powders can be used to eliminate water bugs from a home. Water bugs are typically found outdoors, but may seek standing water in gutters or other household surfaces, eventually leading to an indoor infestation. 

A Roach With A Flexible Exoskeleton

Water bugs are a large roach species. Unlike household roaches, which may be smaller in size, water bugs tend to congregate outdoors. These insects may take refuge under damp leaves or inside of rotted wood and other moist areas. Water bugs can work their way indoors, however. If great care isn't taken to remove standing water from a home's exterior, rotted surfaces could result in water bugs moving to an interior space.

This bug species has a flexible, tough exoskeleton. Killing water bugs one by one is not an effective eradication method. A pest control services company will use liquid and dry chemical insecticides to provide a home with a secure barrier. Pests that ingest chemicals or who have had their growth stunted may be unable to produce more offspring. This will eventually lead to the demise of a water bug infestation.

Control Methods

Having gutters cleaned out annually and keeping overgrowth trimmed near a home may keep moisture amounts to a minimum. These steps should be conducted at the onset of eliminating water bugs. A pest control service team may use a liquid product to create an envelope around a home. Pests will be free to roam, but may suffer respiratory damage when coming into contact with an insecticide.

A growth inhibitor is a product that is designed to prevent future offspring. Pests who ingest the inhibitor may have their growth stunted, plus will be unable to reproduce. This type of product could effectively prevent a pest infestation from getting larger. Once the treated water bugs have died, future ones will not hatch and it may be noticeable that the pest population has drastically declined.

A dusting powder is a product that an exterminator uses to treat confined areas. Due to their thin body type, water bugs can squeeze into areas that a human may not be able to easily access. A dusting powder may contain a mix of chemicals and sharp granules. Water bugs will die if they consume the chemicals. They may become injured by walking through the powder. A special brush or manual gun tool may be used to apply a dusting powder to surfaces within a residence.


31 October 2022

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