Choosing Your Wood For A Wooden Deck

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A wooden deck is an excellent place to enjoy the outside environment. Having the ideal deck will start with choosing the right wood based on your needs and the environment.

Aesthetic Value

The aesthetic value of your deck will be influenced by the color of the wood and any visible wood grain. Additionally, how the deck matches your home will also be important. If you want a simple deck that can blend with almost any home, maple is an excellent option. This type of wood is generally light to moderate in color and does not have many grain lines. Another option is pine, but only in its pressure-treated state. In contrast, you may want to use a decking material that is richer in color and/or is rich in grain lines. Cedar would be an ideal option if you want a deck that has more character. The color is reddish and filled with grain lines, which increases the visual interest of your deck.


The amount of effort you need to maintain your deck can limit your options. Generally, the easiest decks to maintain are made from composite material or pressure-treated pine. The benefit of these materials is not just about their upkeep, but their ability to resist damage and bug infestations. If you still want a traditional wood deck, cedar can be a low-maintenance option because it is moisture-resistant, which decreases the chances of bowing or cracks over time. Some options, such as redwood make a beautiful deck, but it may need more maintenance. The deck has to be power washed periodically and may need to be resealed at regular intervals.


The climate will also make a difference in which materials you choose. First, the cost of a wooden deck may be dependent on how native those particular trees are to your area. When in doubt, choose a wood that works in various regions. Ipe is a tropical hardwood that can work in colder climates or hot, humid places. If you live in an area with frequent precipitation in either the colder or warmer months, you will mostly need to focus on woods that are less porous. A wood that is more likely to absorb water is maple. Regardless of the porosity of your wood, it may still need to be sealed.

With many options for wood to create your ideal deck, the process can be overwhelming. Thinking carefully about all the factors that will influence the aesthetics and longevity of your deck will help you find the one that lasts for decades to come.

For help designing your custom wooden deck, contact a decking service in your area.


11 April 2023

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