Turning Your Second Bedroom Into A Guest Suite

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Got an unused second bedroom? Turn it into a guest room that will keep your family and friends coming back again and again. Try these ideas to transform a simple second bedroom into a chic suite for your guests: Create Luxury One of the differences between a simple guest room and a suite is the bedding; invest in luxurious bedding and linens for your space. Create a clean, comfortable bed that guests will want to lounge in after a long day.

28 July 2020

6 Facts About Vinyl Replacement Windows

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Homeowners have a lot of options for replacement windows. They're typically replacing old, drafty, and often dilapidated windows. Therefore, they want new windows that are both attractive and energy-efficient. One of the options they'll see is the vinyl window. If you find yourself in that position, you might be curious about these windows. Keep reading for facts about such windows that might help you choose them for your replacement project.

23 April 2020

3 Ways Adding a Water Softener to Your Home Will Save You Money

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Having hard water can add a lot of unwanted nuisances to your daily life. If you've been interested in a water softener but haven't been able to justify the cost, then it might interest you to know that getting a water softener can end up saving you money in the long run. Here are three easy ways that you can expect to save cash every single day that you have a water softener.

22 April 2020

Warning Sounds for Common Furnace Problems

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All furnaces make some noise, such as small pops as the furnace comes on. Most of the sounds are brief and relatively quiet, as they typically happen as ducts and other parts of the system expand in response to the hot air. There are some sounds, though, that should be treated as an early warning sign for necessary furnace repairs. Fan Problems The fan, or blower, is what forces the heated air through the ducts and into your home, so if the fan fails, your home won't heat well.

27 February 2020

Get A Lot Of Weeds In Your Flower Garden Every Year? How A Weed Control Service Can Help

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Weeds can take over a beautiful flower garden and drown out your flowers. Weeds will also affect the health of your flowers as they compete with water and nutrients. Below is information about what a weed control service can do to help get rid of the weeds. Use a Flower Garden Edging A flower garden edging can make your flower garden look great, but this edging can also help control weeds.

20 December 2019

3 Things To Know About Pest Control

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Pests are a common issue that many homeowners deal with throughout the US. From rodents to ants, there are a variety of pests that can make their way into your home. While some pests are simply an annoyance, others such as termites can lead to significant structural damage to your home. Getting rid of pests as soon as you notice them is key. In addition to damaging your home, some pests can even make you ill.

6 November 2019

Tips For Keeping Your Pantry Organized

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Do you feel as though you're always digging through the pantry to find what you want? Maybe when you dig all of the way to the back of the pantry, you discover items that are expired or that have been around for far too long. These are both signs that your pantry is lacking in organization. Cooking and preparing food will be so much more enjoyable if you can instill some sense of order in the pantry.

17 September 2019